Day and Night In Bunker Gardens, 2021
feat. Charlton Diaz, CECILIA and Pauli Scharlach

video installation
solo exhibition at Husslehof (Frankfurt am Main)

I sleepwalked to your place again. I dreamt war. Missile sounds were replaced with silence, barbed wire with gazes, explosions through sighs and trenches turned into the city’s open spaces. A short stroll. Ventilation shafts swaying like palm trees on the boulevard. The empty street couldn’t stop unfolding. I suddenly woke up as if born from memory. Where are we? Like a daytime tourist, I looked zealously. A landscape of total redemption surfaced. I didn’t know what to say so I sang to you faded songs. How to confess my love without ambivalence? Wind blew over the chrysanthemum patch. The sun set. We trashed more dreams, undid all escape routes and loosened some memories. Home is close. Walking in the night, haunting the city like ghosts behind trees. I felt the work of days pile on my shoulders. I slowed down, feet on the ground and looked around. Are we spent? I heard you lock the door shut. Voices drowned underground. Let’s own up to each other’s accidents. Please make everything I own endlessly yours.
Day and night.

Text written with José B. Segebre

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