Gräber, Gärten, photo book, 2022
with Yanne Horas, Vera Palme and Federica Partinico
12 x 16,5  cm, 128 pages, English and German.

Gräber, Gärten is a new photo book by artist François Pisapia. It is published by Monroe Books (Berlin), designed by Federica Partinico and features texts by Yanne Horas and Vera Palme. A collection of 75 black and white photographs from the artist’s personal archive, the book documents different gardening and property management practices in Germany, particularly in allotment gardens and cemeteries. 

17 EUR (contact for purchase: francois.pisapia(a)
Also available at ProQM and Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin, and Printed Matter in New York.
Winner of the VOLUMES Award 2022.

Read the introduction by Yanne Horas.