Vacances, 2017-ongoing
postcard collection and other images in albums.

Just like memories, images decompose and
still stick around like plastic. 

Just like this, summer vacations come to an
end, leaving a nostalgic stench.

Vacances was presented on 28.08.19 at Taubenschlag, a project space in Frankfurt am Main organized by Paula Kommoss.

The collection of postcards shown in Vacances reflects on leisurely places and comfort zones, the maison de vacances and a certain kind of idyllic European landscape. This image as something decaying, and the toxic nostalgia grasping to preserve it. The dots as something of a signal, drawing attention while obscuring, confusing. Spraying on layers of plastic to preserve the image, the yellowing paper. To preserve and to pervert, somehow.

The postcards are a branch of an ongoing project on decomposing, infected, toxic and trippy images. The five layers of spray paint create trypophobic surfaces that pervert pixels and particles, revealing and concealing the uncanny in generic images.