Even A Rose Has A Shadow, cabaret show at Echo Correspondence (Vienna), 2022
Starring CECILIA and PRICE, with fashion by Atelier Brigitte Meier-Schomburg

“For this event François Dominique Pisapia transforms Echo Correspondence into a Cabaret. Starting with an outdoor screening, the evening unfolds into live musical and dance performances from CECILIA and PRICE, accompanied by shining shadows and slithery silhouettes. Featuring fashion by Werkstätte Brigitte Meier-Schomburg, a Vienna-based haute couture designer, and a special presentation of archival images of her work, the night promises Glamour! Dress the part! After the show, the space will slip into something sexy and turn into a dance party.”

Echo Correspondence

The final presentation of a month-long residency, Even A Rose Has A Shadow mixes screening, live musical acts and dance party. Inspired by the cabaret form, it is an experimentation with mediated liveness which, through doubling and melancholic dissociation, questions the lonesome figure of the Diva or star.  

Photos by Meltem Rukiye / @theonlypartyphotographer
Video stills by Zahra Khan
Poster artwork by Charlton Diaz

Watch video documentation here.