FAUN TV x Kollaps Plaza, video works for Little We Have, Little We Give group exhibition at Cittipunkt (Berlin), 2023
With Sophie Lee and Julia Scher, organized by Kollaps Plaza (Pitt Wenninger and Mortiz Englebert)

FAUN TV (François Pisapia), KOLLAPS PLAZA SPECIAL EPISODE, 2023, digital video, 35 min 19 sec.
FAUN TV (François Pisapia), SCAVENGER WALK AROUND MERCEDES-PLATZ, 2023, digital video, 17 min 19 sec.

Exhibition text:

Kollaps Plaza (*2021, Köln) is an ongoing complaint about the privatisation of public space.Through site specific installation and collaboration, we test possible reactions to privatised spaces that pretend to be public, and to those remaining public spaces that are only meant to function efficiently and thereby negate their local character.In doing so, we do not forget that the current development is only a temporary stop in an unprecedented land grab, for which serfs were already evicted from their lands and commons in the 17th century.Although the effects and manifestations of this scarcity of communal land are becoming more abstract, we are noticing the consequences in a very concrete way.Our everyday lives consist so much of navigating privatised spaces – virtual or physical – that we have all become experts with our own techniques and strategies of refusal.

Kollaps Plaza is a nomadic initiative founded by Moritz Enlgebert and Pitt Wenninger. Their installations and exhibition projects deal with interfaces of public and private spaces.  The role that process and collectivity plays in the work is just as important as the architectural intervention. 

Kollaps Plaza has received a grant of €8,000 from the Art Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia for the exhibition project “Little We, Have Little, We Give!”. These public funds, which have been entrusted to us, inevitably make us competitors in their application and allocation processes. We want to resist this logic and therefore open the process to invited artists and other interested guests. However, this will remain only within the framework of our project, as the funds are allocated on a project-specific basis. As part of the exhibition, a shopping center will be imitated in the premises of Cittipunkt e.V., which lacks any inherent logic. The installation uses the language of this consumer-oriented architecture and actually only wants to understand how we ended up here and why we spent our youth in places like this. In this stage design, so to speak, you can comment or act. 

In the exhibition, works by FAUN TV, Sophie Lee, and Julia Scher will be on display, as well as a contribution from Cittipunkt Teens. Accompanying the exhibition, there will be an evening program which will be announced at a later date.